The Circle Shape in the Family Puzzle

First, I need you to take a test. Draw one of these shapes (you can even do it in the air), but it helps to draw it. Draw a circle, square, triangle or squiggle? If you jumped at the chance to draw a shape you might be a circle. If you are a CIRCLE keep reading! (Check these blogs for the Square, Triangle and Squiggle shape.)

Circles* care about others and will do whatever it takes to keep their family, friends, and co-workers happy. They focus on smooth waters and keeping the peace. They are sensitive and care about feelings. Circles are right-brain orientated; wholistic thinkers and interested in how everything fits together. They are excellent people problem-solvers.

Circles are the best communicators because they listen and establish empathy with others. They can read people well, identifying a phony in a minute. Circles are great team players, but weak business managers. They try too hard to please others. Circles have the greatest difficulty in life when they must deal with human conflict. They will accommodate others and blame themselves when things go wrong.