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Are you Overwhelmed? Feeling Mommy Comparison?

Struggling Emotionally? Too Controlling or a Pushover?​


There is no instruction manual for being a Mom. Yet, there are many moments when you wish you could just look in the manual for the answer. Mentor Moms can be that resource for you. Not with one right answer like an instruction manual, but with suggestions for your personal situation.

You will:

  • Gain Acceptance of What Matters

  • Increase Confidence in your Mommy Style

  • Grow your Forgiveness Attitude

  • Strive for Balanced Authority​

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Mentor Moms Mastermind

Mentor Moms Mastermind is a virtual group coaching call with parenting training and focused time for each Mom. Participate once a month or twice a month with a Dig Deeper follow-up session. Check out this month's Mastermind topic on the event page. Register for the session that works for you to connect from the convenience of your own home.  

Looking for guidance with a specific situation? One-on-one personal mentoring are1-hour sessions with Lori to develop your parenting strategy. Let's talk to determine if this is the right fit for you.

Personal Mentoring

There are no plans available.