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 How Mentor Moms Works


My  Story

I treasured being a Mom. Probably because there were times in my life I doubted if I would ever be a Mom. I didn’t meet my husband Dan until I was 30 and we struggled with infertility. We ended up having three girls in 30 months. Just because I treasured my Mom role, doesn’t mean I thought it was easy. Not at all! It brought out my best and worst characteristics. I continually learned and grew as a Mom. I created new approaches that would work with one of the girls for a while, then I was off to the next idea. I was lucky one of my strengths was ideation.

When the girls started elementary school, I became Creative Memories Consultant. It shaped my conviction that every child should have a photo album with their story inside. I learned firsthand how precious memories can be when I was 10 and my 7-year-old brother died. I continue to love inspiring Moms to preserve their photos and stories in photo albums.


As each of the girls started college, they each sent me a similar text. “Mom, I have a friend who needs advice. Yes, it’s really a friend and they don’t have a Mom like you to go ask!” After getting this text a few times, I started to realize that these friends would soon be moms themselves. Who would they ask for advice? I believed moms need someone older/wiser to get advice from. This happened at the same time I was looking for something more in my life.


The concept of Mentor Moms was born. I realized that my past education (BS degree in Family & Consumer Science and a MS degree in Adult Education), work experience (high school FACS teacher & 4-H Youth Agent) and life experience of being a mom had prepared me for this new endeavor. The focus is mentoring Moms to live a guilt free mom life.


 A Mommy's Road



Lori Koch, Founding Mom,

based in the Minneapolis, MN area.


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